Kelly Klosure buildings are environmentally friendly due to the nature of the modular design and the high quality materials used through the building system. Kelly Klosure buildings will greatly contribute to LEED-certified projects in the following ways.

LEED-friendly Insulation

Kelly Klosure buildings use high performance rigid polyisocyanurate insulation installed as a continuous uninterrupted layer in R-values as high as R-34 along with insulated doors, windows and light transmitting roof panels to create a very efficient building envelope. This high efficiency building envelope will contribute to LEED “Optimize Energy Performance” credits.

LEED-friendly Ventilation

Kelly Klosure can factory install or supply a wide variety of ventilation options to contribute to the indoor comfort of the building and the LEED “Increased Ventilation” credit.

LEED-friendly Paint

Kelly Klosure uses water reducible paints on a majority of its structural framing. These paints are low VOC paints and contribute to LEED’s “Low Emitting Material” credit.

Pre-finished Metal Panels

Kelly Klosure buildings uses pre-finished metal panels for the outside skin of the building. These metal panels are available in a wide variety of colors - many of which are Energy Star approved - and are made from 25-35% recycled steel that is completely recyclable at the end of its life span.  The Kelly Klosure cool metal roofing system’s reflectivity and emissivity will meet requirements for LEED “Heat Island Effect, Roof” credit.

Minimal Packaging

Kelly Klosure buildings are shipped to the site using minimal packaging. The bulk of packaging that is used is in the form of re-usable steel shipping racks. These racks are made from 95% recycled steel and can be fully recycled at the end of their life.

99% Recycled Steel

The structural frame of Kelly Klosure buildings is made from steel that uses 99% recycled material and is made in the United States, mostly at Nucor Steel in Norfolk, Nebraska, 75 miles away from Kelly Klosure’s production facility. The steel frame can be completely recycled at the end of its life span.

Environmentally Sound Construction

In addition to specific LEED credits, Kelly Klosure buildings are environmentally sound in their design due to their inherent flexibility with changing needs. Kelly Klosure buildings can be reconfigured, expanded, and relocated with ease as needs change. Instead of disposing of a building at the end of its current use, a Kelly Klosure building can be modified or relocated for a new use.