A Cost-Effective Alternative to Fabric Structures

Looking for a durable alternative to fabric or tent structures?  Kelly Klosure offers a stronger, tougher, yet still flexible, alternative to fabric buildings up to 60' wide. Our panelized steel buildings and enclosures are modular, relocatable, and non-combustible. They offer a level of protection and stability unrivaled by their cloth/fabric counterparts - even in the harshest of environments. Fast and easy to construct, our steel buildings are reusable, customizable, and allow for a variety of foundation options.

Adaptable to Extreme Requirements

Proven performance in extreme conditions, including:

  • Hurricane force winds
  • Heavy snow loads
  • Extreme seismic conditions


  • All steel construction
  • 100% non-combustible insulation available

Common Applications

  • Drive-through inspection buildings
  • Canopies/Sunshades
  • Storage (temporary & permanent)
  • Removable roof structures


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See why tension fabric structures just don't measure up.

Compare Kelly Klosure structures to tension fabric structures.

Kelly buildings use space more effectively than tension fabric structures. A 48” wide Kelly building with an eave height of 19’-4’ will hold a 40’ wide x 20’ wide object. It would take an 80’ wide tension fabric structure to hold the same object.