Custom Features

Customize your building with a range of options, including removable roofs, 15 color choices, in-wall or side wall openings, and much more.

  • Removable roofs – move large equipment, or upsize/downsize
  • Color coordination – more than 15 choices available
  • Louvers, doors and windows
  • Ventilation
  • End wall or side wall openings
  • Relocatable
  • Non-combustible

Removable Roofs

Move large equipment, upsize or downsize with convenient removable roofs.

Easy Color Coordination

(mouse/swipe over color swatch)

Kelly Klosure buildings come in a wide range of colors. Roll over the color palette above to preview what your next project might look like.

Louvers, Doors, Door Hardware and Windows

Wide varieties available. Factory installation minimizes work in the field.

Kelly Klosure Interiors

Tailored for any application, from the tough, gritty environment of the power plant to the air-conditioned comfort of the office. 

Reserve Collateral Structural Capacity

Designed to the latest IBC, UFC and AISC structural standards with over 30% more steel than a conventional rigid-frame metal building.

Anti-Siphon Overlap Connection

Our unique “anti-siphon” overlapping edge doesn’t require stitch screws so there’s no need to “realign” holes in the exterior sheeting when reassembling. Panels are simply unbolted and placed in shipping storage frames that are ready for transport and/or reassembly. 

Easy Panelized Bolt-Together Assembly

Assembly is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Hot-rolled Steel Framing

40-year limited warranty

on exterior sheeting finish

We stand by our exterior sheeting with a 40-year Limited Warranty.