Ongoing Support

Monday, October 21, 2013 1:00PMBy Andrew Stamp |

Manager of Design and Engineering

How Kelly Works Step 4: Ongoing Support

At Kelly Klosure, you can rely on us for help at any time during and after the building process. We can assist throughout the entire project – from design and planning to installation and future support.

One thing that Kelly Klosure has always been known for is our ability to enclose just about anything. If you have a piece of equipment, a process, or something that you need to enclose but don’t know how, give us a call and we'll work with you to find a solution.

A recent project that I worked on in Pueblo, Colorado, was a good example of this. The Pueblo Airport Generating Station had four new combined cycle gas turbines that had significant issues during the first winter with valves and sensors freezing up, causing the plant to shut down. This customer knew that they had a lot of areas to protect from freezing, but didn’t have a solution.

The customer called Kelly Klosure and worked with us to enclose the following parts of each of the four HRSG’s:

- The entire base of the HRSG boiler to enclose piping and valves

- The boiler feed pumps

- Multiple valves and sensors on the high pressure and low pressure tanks on top of the HRSG

- The vacuum pump skids for two steam turbines

John Kush, the salesperson for this project, and I made a trip out to the site to walk through the project with the customer and determine a solution to enclose each of the freeze-prone areas. We gathered enough information, measurements, and photos to go back to the office and design an enclosure concept.

We proposed a total of 22 enclosures spread across the four-unit plant, and each enclosure was designed to fit around all existing interferences so that no cutting, modifying or welding of structural steel was needed.


The customer approved the plans and awarded us the contract to furnish the material. We manufactured and delivered the material to the site, where the customer’s contractor began installation with the help of onsite assistance from our Field Service Manager. He was there for the first week to get the contractor started and comfortable with installing our product. Even after he left the site, the Kelly Klosure team was just a phone call away to answer questions and solve any issues that arose.

In the end, the customer resolved their freezing issues and was very happy with our product.

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- Andrew Stamp