Monday, October 14, 2013 1:02PMBy Casey Hevlin |

Production Manager

How Kelly Works Step 3: Construction

Now is when all of the planning comes alive. The building is unloaded, parts are staged and it begins to take shape. I love it when a plan comes together. 

“But I’ve never erected a Kelly building!” you say. 

Not to worry, Kelly Klosure buildings are designed to be installed by any “construction-savvy” crew and we have Field Service Representatives available to assist your crew over the phone or on-site. 

For example, I was recently in El Reno, Oklahoma, assisting a crew new to Kelly buildings. The building was very large and required a crane to lift the heavy building sections. To minimize expensive crane time, we used smaller/cheaper equipment to pre-assemble the building sections. After all the wall and roof sections were pre-assembled, we brought in a large crane to stand the endwall and fly in roof sections. Within a day, the construction crew was acclimated to the erection process, and was off and running. Our on-site assistance showed the crew not only how to assemble the building, but practices that saved them money along the way.  


During the construction phase, there are several benefits of using a Kelly Klosure building for your project:

• Fast on-site delivery

• Available on-site assistance

• Quick assembly

• Simplified foundation construction

• More assembly work on the ground, less time in the air

To see how we can help you, visit our websiterequest more information or a quote, or give me a call at 402-727-1344 ext. 344.

-Casey Hevlin