Monday, October 7, 2013 7:00PMBy Danny Whitlow |

Power and Oil & Gas Specialist

How Kelly Works Step 2: Planning

All it takes is a plan.

Determining the right solution for a building or enclosure is just the first step toward delivering all the features and services our customers have come to expect from Kelly Klosure.

Whether working on construction of a new combined-cycle power plant or providing relocatable structures for an outage, planning timely and coordinated deliveries with the customer can be just as important.

For example, Kelly Klosure recently completed a turbine enclosure project at a new combined-cycle power plant. Not only was timing of deliveries critical, space for materials and assembly was limited.

We worked with the customer to coordinate staggered deliveries so materials would arrive only in the order needed. Instead of having three trucks show up on the same morning, each was scheduled to show on a particular day during erection. The Kelly Klosure panel system is also more accommodating for these types of deliveries.

This was just another way we help our customers to ensure ease of assembly and keep labor costs down.


Together we'll create a plan of action. In this phase, you can expect:

Scheduling, production and assembly projections
Budget and purchasing discussions
Pricing quote
Foundation requirements
Preliminary and approval drawings (production time is typically 4-6 weeks after approval)
Delivery requirements from start to finish

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- Danny Whitlow