Crane-Liftable Building

Monday, May 6, 2019 9:50PMBy Steve Kneifl |

Government Specialist

From the outside, a Kelly Klosure’s panelized steel building system looks and performs just like a conventional metal building system. But the advantages of a panelized building for the end-user are many. In this series, we will highlight the differences between the Kelly Klosure panelized steel building vs conventional stick-built metal buildings.

This article will focus on the ability to lift the entire building!

Kelly Klosure Buildings can be lifted intact as one piece.  The adjustments to the building design are minimal. Lifting pad-eyes are welded to the eave angles and depending on the building size, a steel baseplate is added to stabilize the walls.

The basic procedure involves unbolting the base anchors, attaching rigging to the lifting points at the building eaves and lifting the building vertically. When the work is completed, re-anchor the building.

Next Up: You tell us! Over the years our customers have come to us with unique challenges. Our buildings have been re-located multiple times, they have lifted and placed on roof tops, they have had roofs removed multiple times, they have been lifted placed on skids and transported, they have been rolled and even had sections of building stacked on one another! Whether the need is more conventional such as storage buildings, shop buildings, re-usable breakrooms, generator enclosures, pump buildings, weather protection enclosures or more unique challenges such as crane liftable cask enclosures or buildings with removable roofs. Our customers know the incredible flexibility of the Kelly Panelized building and enclosure system. Please give us a call with your unique challenge!

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