Removable Roof Sections

Monday, April 1, 2019 9:44PMBy Steve Kneifl |

Government Specialist

From the outside, a Kelly Klosure’s (Kelly’s) panelized steel building system looks and performs just like a conventional metal building system. But the advantages of a panelized building for the end-user are many. In this series, we will highlight the differences between the Kelly Klosure panelized steel building vs conventional stick-built metal buildings.


This article will focus on Removable Roof Sections.


It is amazing how many times we hear from customers who need to have entire sections of roof removed to replace pumps, generator’s or boilers.

Removing roof and then re-installing roof sections is fast and efficient with the Kelly panelized building system. The roof section (or sections) can be removed without dis-assembling the structure. The adjustments needed in the system are minor. Lifting pad-eye’s, provided by Kelly are welded to the eave connection, wall support channels are added to support the walls during roof removal, one panel section is narrowed a bit and seam caps are added reverse the overlapping edge on one side of the roof section being removed. That’s it!


The basic procedure involves the removal or unfastening of building trim, unbolting the perimeter of the roof section, attaching rigging to the lifting points at the building eaves and lifting the roof section vertically from the building.


The removable roof section can be rigged back to one point or using a spreader beam (provided by the customer) depending on the length of the section being removed. Once pump or generator has been removed or repair work on the item is complete, the roof section is then lifted back into place and bolts and trim are re-installed.


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