What is a Kelly Klosure Building?

Monday, May 11, 2015 7:18AMBy Pat Hayden |

We deliver a pre-engineered, panelized, relocatable building.    We have already done most of the assembly here in our factory.   By that I mean, we factory install items like liner, insulation, sheeting, personnel doors, windows, and louvers.  When our building components arrive on site, all you need to do is bolt it together and put on the trim (all included with our building system).  We send Assembly Drawings with each building (complete with all of the details).

Each building is custom made from scratch for each customer, we don’t have panels lying around.  You can order your building to suit your unique needs.  Options include overhead doors, crane liftable building, removable roof or wall sections, and the list goes on and on.  We have also begun our line of Prebuilt buildings that arrive ready to use.  We can find a solution to just about anything within our buildings.

We have a vast amount of sample material on our website.  You will find Technical Guides, Specs, Color Charts, Brochures, and Sample Assembly Drawings.  The Sample Assembly Drawings will show you how our basic buildings go together along with the sequence and details.  There are numerous photos in our gallery so check it out!

Just give us a call.