USCBP Mobile VACIS Temp Ops

Provided turn-key design-build services for these facilities. Project duration: 4 weeks for each facility, many in progress simultaneously. Facility consists of Kelly Klosure building, inspector’s booth, ventilation, radiant heat system, and electrical. The unique Kelly Klosure building allowed many of the facilities to be placed on existing asphalt paving without the need for extensive foundation systems.

Mobile VACIS Temporary Ops Facilities
Alexandria Bay, NY; Port Huron, MI; Houlton, ME; Calais, ME; Highgate Springs, VT; International Falls, MN; Sumas, WA
GSA Public Buildings Service / US Customs & Border Protection
Facility Type:
Cargo Screening & Inspection
USCBP Mobile VACIS Temp Ops USCBP Mobile VACIS Temp Ops USCBP Mobile VACIS Temp Ops