Fort Bragg Admin Buildings

Provide 5 two-story and 1 single-story building shells and 5 mezzanine structures to be installed and finished by Futron, Inc., a MAC contractor at Ft. Bragg. The order was received on February 10th, 2006, the last building and mezzanine shipped April 21st, 2006, a total of 10 weeks from receipt of order. The quick delivery schedule of the buildings and mezzanines and the speed of assembly of Kelly Klosure buildings and mezzanines allowed Futron to finish the project on time for the June 1st, 2006, deadline.

Fort Bragg Administration Offices
Ft. Bragg, North Carolina
Futron, Inc.
Facility Type:
2-Story Offices
Fort Bragg Admin Buildings Fort Bragg Admin Buildings Fort Bragg Admin Buildings