GSA Contract

What it means specifically to Kelly Klosure Customers:

As an official GSA FSS (Federal Supply Schedule) supplier, Kelly Klosure offers government organizations tangible value in terms of time and cost savings, experience, and vendor reliability. Expedited procurement process GSA has already negotiated pricing that is better than Kelly’s “most favored” commercial client. GSA e-Buy allows for turnaround as fast as 48 hours.

Source selection can be based off of best value to the government instead of price only.

Since GSA has already negotiated price, product features, past performance and other items can be considered in the evaluation process.

Purchases can be made with a brief two page delivery order.

No need for cutting an entirely new contract.

So you’d like to work with us. What is the process for using the GSA schedule?

1.) First, you’ll work with a Kelly representative to define the requirement.
2.) We’ll provide specs, drawings, and budgetary pricing.
3.) You develop your scope of work and requested best value evaluation criteria and submit it to contracting for purchase.
4.) Contracting advertises using the GSA schedule.
5.) You and contracting evaluate prospective bidders and make a best value source selection.

Kelly Group, Inc. GSA Contract Number GS07F221CA

GSA Federal Supply Schedule 56: Building and Building Material/Industrial Service and Supplies
Our contract covers the following categories GSA refers to as Special Item Numbers (SINs)for Pre-Engineered and Prefabricated Buildings and Structures:




STORAGE SOLUTIONS – includes warehousing structures, aircraft hangars, etc.


IN-PLANT SOLUTIONS - includes in-plant offices, modular wall/partition systems, enclosures, etc.


MILITARY, DISASTER/EMERGENCY RESPONSE and MEDICAL FACILITY SOLUTIONS – includes operation/command centers, temporary living quarters and portable barracks, rapid development and operations shelters for support operations, guard towers, deployment storage, etc.


PROFESSIONAL FACILITY SOLUTIONS – includes offices, classrooms, laboratories, exhibition halls, etc.